Vandarsky brotherhood ruckus at smash burger 🍔🍟

Vandarsky brotherhood ruckus at smash burger 🍔🍟

Being an idiot last summer in the abandoned Nanuet Mall (R.I.P.).  #Basedgod

official Vandarsky production title.  Massively inspired by 70s & 80s TV and film production logos.  

My boys in Trenchfoot.  Killin’ it in Le Garage, Nanuet, NY.  Check out their 7’

Paul’s promotional video for the March of Dimes’ March for Babies walks officially published on their website and has gotten a lot of hits in a short period of time!  Bump this around and support a good cause for sure.

awesome archive of title cards.

Werner Herzog1971 

It’s Better Than Home    The 2nd Vandarsky short

A cinéma vérité short film about a man, on a snowy night, getting drunk with his friends. The line between reality and fiction cease to exist. It may seem exploitative, but it might be scripted. Is the performance stolen or given? Does it even matter?

official trailer for Vandarsky’s 2nd short “It’s Better Than Home”


Happiness once walked side by side with me;
But doom knows no reprieve, there’s no mistaking:
The worm is in the fruit; in dreaming, waking;
In loving, mourning. And so must it be.
—Happiness once walked side by side with me.